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20Khz Titanium Horn 1000watt Ultrasonic Sealing Machine For Cap Welding

20Khz Titanium Horn 1000watt Ultrasonic Sealing Machine For Cap Welding

20Khz Ultrasonic Sealing Machine

Titanium Horn Ultrasonic welding machine

1000watt Ultrasonic Sealing Machine

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20Khz High Quality Ultrasonic Welding And Sealing Machine For Cap Welding With Digital Generator

20Khz High quality Ultrasonic welding machine for cap welding with digital generator




type CD20
frequency 20KHz
power 1000watt
power supply AC220v
Application For drinking sealing




When ultrasonic waves act on the thermoplastic plastic contact surface, it will produce tens of thousands of high-frequency vibrations per second. This kind of high-frequency vibration with a certain amplitude will transmit the ultrasonic energy to the welding area through the upper weldment. Because the welding area is two The acoustic resistance at the interface of each welding is large, so local high temperature will be generated. In addition, due to the poor thermal conductivity of the plastic, it cannot be distributed in time for a while, and it gathers in the welding area, causing the contact surface of the two plastics to melt rapidly, and after a certain pressure is applied, they are fused into one. When the ultrasonic stops, let the pressure continue for a few seconds to make it solidify and shape, thus forming a strong molecular chain, achieving the purpose of welding, and the welding strength can be close to the strength of the raw material. The quality of ultrasonic plastic welding depends on three factors: the amplitude of the transducer's welding head, the applied pressure and the welding time. The welding time and welding head pressure can be adjusted, and the amplitude is determined by the transducer and the horn. There is an appropriate value for the interaction of these three quantities. When the energy exceeds the appropriate value, the melting amount of the plastic is large and the welded material is easy to deform; if the energy is small, it is not easy to weld firmly, and the applied pressure cannot be too large. The optimal pressure is the product of the side length of the welded part and the optimal pressure per 1mm of the edge.


Welding method


1. Welding method: Ultrasonic vibration transmits the ultrasonic wave to the weldment along with the welding head. Due to the large acoustic resistance at the two weldments, local high-temperature part interface melting occurs. Under a certain pressure, the two weldments can achieve a beautiful, fast and firm welding effect.
2. Implantation (insertion) method: Nuts or other metals are to be inserted into plastic workpieces. First, the ultrasonic wave is transmitted to the metal, and the metal object is directly embedded in the molded plastic through high-speed vibration. At the same time, the plastic is melted, and the embedding is completed after solidification.
3. Riveting method: If you want to join metal and plastic or two pieces of plastic with different properties, ultrasonic riveting method can be used to make the weldment not easy to embrittlement, beautiful and strong.
4. Spot welding method: Use small welding heads to weld two large plastic products at different points, or press the entire row of tooth-shaped welding heads directly on two plastic workpieces to achieve the effect of spot welding.
5. Forming method: The plastic workpiece is melted and formed instantaneously by ultrasonic waves, and when the plastic solidifies, the metal or other materials of plastic can be firm.
6. Removal method: Utilizing the special design method of the welding head and base, when the plastic workpiece is just shot, it is directly pressed on the branch of the plastic, and the removal effect is achieved through ultrasonic transmission.


Advantages of ultrasonic plastic welding

1. Fast welding speed, high welding strength and good sealing;
2. It replaces the traditional welding/bonding process, with low cost, clean and pollution-free, and will not damage the workpiece;
3. The welding process is stable, and all welding parameters can be tracked and monitored through the software system. Once a fault is found, it is easy to eliminate and maintain.


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