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What is the difference between ultrasonic cutting and laser cutting?


Latest company news about What is the difference between ultrasonic cutting and laser cutting?

What is the difference between ultrasonic cutting and laser cutting?


Now in the cutting industry, laser cutting and ultrasonic cutting are relatively high-end and high-tech cutting methods. Just like laser cutting and waterjet cutting, there are big differences in principles, costs, cutting methods and applications. So today we will talk about the difference between laser and ultrasonic cutting.
The principles are different
(1) Laser cutting principle
The principle of laser cutting: Laser cutting uses a focused high-power density laser beam to irradiate the workpiece, causing the irradiated material to quickly melt, vaporize, ablate or reach the ignition point. At the same time, the molten material is blown away by a high-speed airflow coaxial with the beam, thereby Achieve cutting the workpiece. Laser cutting is one of the thermal cutting methods.
(2) Principle of ultrasonic cutting
When ultrasonic technology is used for cutting, the back-and-forth vibration generated by the ultrasonic vibrator installed behind the spindle is transmitted to the outer circumferential part of the grinding wheel blade through the spindle and the base of the grinding wheel blade, and is converted into expansion motion in the radial direction. Through this vibration conversion method, the ideal vibration direction required for ultrasonic processing can be obtained.
The mechanical vibration energy generated by the ultrasonic generator exceeds 20,000 blade vibrations per second, which locally heats and melts the material being cut, causing the molecular chains to quickly break apart to achieve the purpose of cutting the material. Therefore, ultrasonic cutting does not require a particularly sharp blade or a lot of pressure, and will not cause chipping or damage to the material being cut. At the same time, due to the ultrasonic vibration of the cutting blade, the friction is small, by reducing the material is not easy to stick to the blade. Especially effective for sticky and elastic materials that freeze, such as food, rubber, etc., or where it is inconvenient to add pressure to reduce objects.

Different characteristics
(1) Laser cutting characteristics
As a new processing method, laser processing has gradually been widely used in the leather, textile and clothing industries due to its advantages of accurate processing, fast processing, simple operation, and high degree of automation. Compared with traditional cutting methods, laser cutting machines are not only lower in price and consumption. And because laser processing puts no mechanical pressure on the workpiece, the effect, accuracy and cutting speed of the cut products are very good. It also has the advantages of safe operation and maintenance Simple and other features. Can work continuously for 24 hours. The edges of the dust-free non-woven fabrics cut by the laser machine will not turn yellow, and will automatically close up without loose edges. They will not deform or harden, and will have consistent and precise dimensions. They can cut any complex shape; they are highly efficient and cost-effective. Computer designed graphics can cut lace of any shape and size. Fast development speed: Due to the combination of laser and computer technology, users can realize laser engraving output as long as they design on the computer and can change the engraving at any time. They can design and produce products at the same time.
(2) Characteristics of ultrasonic cutting
Ultrasonic cutting has the advantages of smooth and reliable incision, accurate edge cutting, no deformation, no edge warping, fluffing, stringing, and wrinkles. The avoidable "laser cutting machine" has shortcomings such as rough cutting edges, burnt edges, and pilling. However, the automation of ultrasonic cutting machines is currently more difficult than that of laser cutting machines, so the efficiency of laser cutting is currently higher than that of ultrasonic cutting.

Different applications
Laser cutting application areas

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Machine tools, engineering machinery, electrical switch manufacturing, elevator manufacturing, grain machinery, textile machinery, motorcycle manufacturing, agricultural and forestry machinery, food machinery, special automobiles, petroleum machinery manufacturing, environmental protection equipment, household appliance manufacturing, large motor silicon steel sheets and other machinery manufacturing processing industry.
Ultrasonic application fields

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Another great advantage of ultrasonic cutting is that it has a fusion effect at the cutting site while cutting. The cutting area is perfectly edge-sealed to prevent the tissue of the cut material from loosening (such as flashing of textile materials). The uses of ultrasonic cutting machines can also be expanded, such as digging holes, shoveling, scraping paint, engraving, slitting, etc.
1. Plastic and thermoplastic door cutting and die cutting.
2. For non-woven or woven cutting, textile cutting, clothing lace, fabric cutting. The edges are sealed while being cut.
3. Artificial resin, rubber cutting, raw rubber, soft rubber cutting.
4. Cutting of tapes and various types of films.
5. Paper cutting, printing industry cutting, printed circuit boards, trademarks.
6. Cut food and plants, such as frozen meat, candy, chocolate.
7. For PVC, rubber, leather, plastic, cardboard, acrylic, polypropylene, etc.
8. Clothing fabric cutting
9. Packaging material cutting
10. Cut curtains and blackout fabrics
11. Cutting in the automotive industry

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