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Digital Generator Ultrasonic Welding Equipment Simple To Operate

Digital Generator Ultrasonic Welding Equipment Simple To Operate

handheld ultrasonic welder

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Product Details
Horn Material:
Alumium Alloy Or Titanium Alloy
Digital Generator
4.5kg In Totall
Product Name:
Digital Generator Ultrasonic Welding Equipment Simple To Operate
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30Khz Portable ultrasonic spot welding equipment HDPE film welding




Item Parameter
Frequency 40Khz
Power 300W
Ceramice chips 2chips
Connect screw M8


The handheld ultrasonic spot welding gun uses ultrasonic plastic welding technology, which converts high-frequency electrical energy into mechanical vibration energy through an ultrasonic transducer, and then transmits the mechanical vibration energy to the welding head through a banner device after changing the amplitude. When the welding head is close to the surface of the processed product, ultrasonic waves are automatically generated. Micro-amplitude high-frequency vibration is performed on the surface of the processed product. The friction with the surface of the processed product is converted into heat. The processed product is melted and then welded. The welding operation is relatively perfect for welding, and welding with different effects can be obtained by changing the welding horn.



  1. Advantages of ultrasonic spot welding:

    • Speed and efficiency: Ultrasonic spot welding is a rapid process, allowing for high production rates and fast assembly times.

    • Strong and reliable bonds: The localized heat and pressure generated by ultrasonic spot welding result in strong and durable bonds that exhibit good mechanical strength.

    • No additional materials: Ultrasonic spot welding does not require the use of adhesives, solvents, or mechanical fasteners, reducing material costs and simplifying the assembly process.

    • Design flexibility: This welding technique can be used to join complex shapes and dissimilar materials, enabling greater design freedom.

    • Non-destructive: Ultrasonic spot welding is a non-destructive welding method that does not damage surrounding areas, making it suitable for delicate or sensitive components.

  2. Applications: Ultrasonic spot welding finds applications in various industries, including automotive, electronics, medical devices, packaging, textiles, and more. It is used for joining components, sealing packages, assembling electronic devices, and bonding fabrics, among other applications.

Ultrasonic spot welding offers numerous advantages in terms of speed, strength, and versatility, making it a valuable technique for joining materials in a wide range of industrial applications.



Portable ultrasonic welding machine, handheld ultrasonic welding machine, has the advantages of light body, easy to carry, easy to move and operate. The handheld ultrasonic welding machine can be divided into: ultrasonic plastic spot welding machine, ultrasonic metal welding machine, polymer battery Positive spot welder, lithium battery negative spot welder, aluminum-to-nickel spot welder, amorphous silicon spot welder, etc.Suitable for spot welding, pressure welding, riveting, drilling, boundary flower, dot marking, sealing, screws Embedding, decal welding, etc.

Ultrasonic plastic welding machine is suitable for welding, riveting, and embedding molding of ABS, PE, PC, PS, PVC, PP, SAN, PA, acrylic, nylon, ABS and PC composites, as long as the welding head is changed, Can be used for a variety of applications in one machine, widely used in electronics, electrical appliances, automotive parts, plastic toys, stationery, daily necessities, crafts, cosmetics and other industries.

The size and shape of the welding horn of the handheld ultrasonic spot welder can be customized




1. Ultrasonic spot welding machine is used for riveting, cutting, sewing and welding edges of plastic products.


2. Optimized the shortcomings of hot welding yellowing, flanging, and excessive thickness. Appropriate wrench design uses module integrated circuit, strong output power, easy operation, built-in automatic protection circuit, safe use, stable and reliable operation. 3. It is assembled with high-quality components. The whole machine is designed to be small in size, easy to carry and move, reliable in performance, simple to operate, and the main business.


The original ceramic transducer has strong output capability, stable welding quality and low failure rate.


5. Eliminate pinholes caused by traditional sewing.


6. Use vibration friction or cutting, no smoking, no out-of-focus, eliminate the risk of high periodic waves, thermal cutters and air pollution.


7. It can be processed without preheating, convenient operation, fast continuous processing speed, high efficiency and low labor cost.


8. Ultrasonic vibration generator has the advantages of large output, high efficiency, low welding head temperature and stable machine quality.

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