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Industrial Ultrasonic Liquid Processor fruit juice mixing machine

Industrial Ultrasonic Liquid Processor fruit juice mixing machine

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DG Generator
Titanium Alloy
20 L/Min
Ultrasonic Sterilization
110V Or 220V
Length Of Sonotrode:
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Industrial Ultrasonic Liquid Processor fruit juice mixing machine




Model SONO20-1000 SONO20-2000 SONO15-3000 SONO20-3000
Frequency 20±0.5 KHz 20±0.5 KHz 15±0.5 KHz 20±0.5 KHz
Power 1000 W 2000 W 3000 W 3000 W
Voltage 220/110V 220/110V 220/110V 220/110V
Temperature 300 ℃ 300 ℃ 300 ℃ 300 ℃
Pressure 35 MPa 35 MPa 35 MPa 35 MPa
Intensity of sound 20 W/cm² 40 W/cm² 60 W/cm² 60 W/cm²
Max Capacity 10 L/Min 15 L/Min 20 L/Min 20 L/Min
Tip Head Material Titanium Alloy Titanium Alloy Titanium Alloy Titanium Alloy


Ultrasonic is an effective auxiliary sterilization method, which has been successfully used in wastewater treatment, drinking water disinfection and other fields. There are also many researches in the application of liquid food sterilization, such as beer, orange juice, soy sauce and so on.
Ultrasound refers to sound waves with a frequency greater than 20 kHz. Its high frequency and short wavelength not only have the characteristics of good directivity, high power, and strong penetrating power, but also cause cavitation and a series of special effects, such as mechanical effects. , Thermal effects, chemical effects, etc.
It is generally believed that the bactericidal effect of ultrasound is mainly caused by the cavitation effect produced by it. In the process of ultrasonic treatment, when high-intensity ultrasonic waves propagate in a liquid medium, longitudinal waves are generated, which results in areas of alternating compression and expansion. These areas where the pressure changes are likely to cause cavitation and form microbubble nuclei in the medium. At the moment of adiabatic contraction and collapse, the microbubble nucleus exhibits a high temperature above 5000 ° C and a pressure of 50000kPa, which can cause some bacteria in the liquid to die, inactivate the virus, and even destroy the cell walls of some smaller microorganisms. Its scope is limited.


Fast speed, more mature and easy to operate, no harm to human body and no damage to items.


Disinfection is incomplete and there are many influencing factors. Generally, it is only applicable to liquids or objects immersed in liquids, and the processing capacity should not be too large. The research on the application of ultrasonic to non-thermal sterilization of food is not systematic and comprehensive. The research on the ingredients and the potential safety issues that ultimately result is insufficient.



Food industry applications

Ultrasonic sterilization is suitable for liquid food such as fruit and vegetable juice beverages, alcohol, milk, mineral water, soy sauce. Compared with the traditional high-temperature heating sterilization process, ultrasonic sterilization does not change the color, aroma and taste of food, nor does it destroy food components. And its ultrasonic cavitation can improve the coagulation effect of bacteria, make the virulence of bacteria lose or die, so as to achieve the purpose of sterilization.
Fruit and vegetable juice drinks
Ultrasonic sterilization technology can reduce the browning of tea polyphenols and improve the quality of green tea beverages.
Ultrasonic sterilization is used to keep raw milk fresh, with a sterilization rate of 87%, no damage to nutrients, and freshness preservation at 15 ° C for 45 hours.
soy sauce
Ultrasonic sterilization of soy sauce is fast, without foreign additives, harmless to the human body, and harmless to items.


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