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Cell Division 20Khz Ultrasonic Extraction Equipment With Titanium Probe

Cell Division 20Khz Ultrasonic Extraction Equipment With Titanium Probe

Titanium Probe Ultrasonic Extraction Equipment

Cell Division Ultrasonic Extraction Equipment

20Khz Ultrasonic Extraction Equipment

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20Khz Industrial grade Ultrasonic extraction equipment with titanium probe for Cell division




Model SONO20-1000 SONO20-2000 SONO15-3000 SONO20-3000
Frequency 20±0.5 KHz 20±0.5 KHz 15±0.5 KHz 20±0.5 KHz
Power 1000 W 2000 W 3000 W 3000 W
Voltage 220/110V 220/110V 220/110V 220/110V
Temperature 300 ℃ 300 ℃ 300 ℃ 300 ℃
Pressure 35 MPa 35 MPa 35 MPa 35 MPa
Intensity of sound 20 W/cm² 40 W/cm² 60 W/cm² 60 W/cm²
Max Capacity 10 L/Min 15 L/Min 20 L/Min 20 L/Min
Tip Head Material Titanium Alloy Titanium Alloy Titanium Alloy Titanium Alloy




Ultrasonic extraction and separation is mainly a discipline designed based on the existence, polarity, and solubility of the effective ingredients and effective ingredient groups in substances.
The new technology of extraction using the ultrasonic vibration method allows the solvent to quickly enter the solid substance, and the organic components contained in the substance are dissolved in the solvent as completely as possible to obtain a multi-component mixed extract.
The use of ultrasonic technology to strengthen the extraction and separation process can effectively increase the extraction separation rate, shorten the extraction time, save costs, and even improve the quality and yield of products.

Ultrasonic extraction (also known as ultrasonic extraction) has unique advantages of low extraction temperature, high extraction rate, and short extraction time. It is used by innovative people to extract the effective content of Chinese medicinal materials and various animals and plants. It is an alternative to traditional shearing. The technological method realizes the modern technological means of high-efficiency, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly extraction.
Ultrasonic extraction has two meanings: the application of ultrasonic technology and the extraction of chemical components in medicines. That is, a new extraction technology that uses the special effects such as cavitation produced by ultrasonic waves to quickly and efficiently extract the chemical components contained in the medicine.




1. High extraction efficiency: The unique physical properties of ultrasound promote the breaking or deformation of plant cell tissues, so that the effective components of traditional Chinese medicine can be extracted more fully, and the extraction rate is significantly increased by 50-500% compared with the traditional process;
2. Short extraction time: Ultrasonic enhanced traditional Chinese medicine extraction usually takes 24-40 minutes to obtain the best extraction rate. The extraction time is greatly shortened by more than 2/3 compared with traditional methods, and the processing volume of raw materials for medicinal materials is large;
3. Low extraction temperature: The optimal temperature for ultrasonic extraction of Chinese medicinal materials is 40-60°C, which has a protective effect on the active ingredients in medicinal materials that are unstable, easily hydrolyzed or oxidized when exposed to heat, and greatly saves energy and energy;
4. Wide adaptability: Ultrasonic extraction of Chinese medicinal materials is not restricted by the polarity and molecular weight of the ingredients, and is suitable for the extraction of most types of Chinese medicinal materials and various components;
5. The extracted liquid has few impurities, and the effective ingredients are easy to separate and purify;
6. The extraction process has low operating costs and significant comprehensive economic benefits;
7. The operation is simple and easy, and the equipment maintenance and maintenance are convenient.




1. It can be used to break biological and plant cells;
2. It can be used for extraction of biological and plant active ingredients;
3. It can be used for low-temperature extraction of effective ingredients of Chinese herbal medicine;
4. Can be used for BCR element form extraction;
5. Low energy state can activate bacteria;
6. High energy state can kill live bacteria;
7. It can be used for DNA extraction and DNA shearing;
8. Can be used for gene transfer;
9. It can be used for aging processing of raw wine;
10. It can be used to break the dormancy state of plant seeds to increase the germination rate and early maturity period;
11. It can be used for solution polymerization of two different qualities.


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