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15Khz Titanium Ultrasonic Welding Horn For Plastic Nonwoven

15Khz Titanium Ultrasonic Welding Horn For Plastic Nonwoven

15Khz Ultrasonic Welding Horn

Titanium Ultrasonic Welding Horn

Nonwoven Ultrasonic Welding Horn

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15Khz Ultrasonic titanium welding horn for plastic /nonwoven welding




In ultrasonic machining, welding and mixing, a sonotrode is a tool that creates ultrasonic vibrations and applies this vibrational energy to a gas, liquid, solid or tissue.

A sonotrode usually consists of a stack of piezoelectric transducers attached to a tapering metal rod. The end of the rod is applied to the working material. An alternating current oscillating at ultrasonic frequency is applied by a separate power supply unit to the piezoelectric transducers. The current causes them to expand and contract. The frequency of the current is chosen to be the resonant frequency of the tool, so the entire sonotrode acts as a half-wavelength resonator, vibrating lengthwise with standing waves at its resonant frequency. The standard frequencies used with ultrasonic sonotrodes range from 20 kHz to 70 kHz. The amplitude of the vibration is small, about 13 to 130 micrometres.

Sonotrodes are made of titanium, aluminium or steel, with or without heat treatment (carbide). The shape of the sonotrode (round, square, with teeth, profiled ...), depends on the quantity of vibratory energy and a physical constraint for a specific application. Its shape must be optimized for the particular application.

Sonotrodes of small diameter are sometimes called probes.

For an ultrasonic welding or cutting application, the sonotrode gives energy directly to the welding contact area, with little diffraction. This is particularly helpful when vibrations (wave propagation) could damage surrounding electronic components.



In the contemporary society with increasingly developed industries, ultrasonic welding technology has been applied to various industries. Today, what are the industries and products that can be used with ultrasonic welding machines?

1. Electronic and electrical appliances: Electronic and electrical products are highly updated, and there is an increasing demand for welding of plastic parts. Ultrasonic technology has the advantages of safety, environmental protection, energy saving, and no need for adjuvants, which caters to the high demand of the electronics and electrical professions. The electronic equipment using ultrasonic welding technology includes video tape shell, video tape reel, computer, electronic watch, mobile phone, MP3, floppy disk, U disk, mobile phone battery, charger, SD card, mobile phone case, setter, switch socket Wait.

2. jewelry daily use: In the daily necessities, many products require plastic welding skills, and ultrasonic plastic welding skills have common strengths and are widely used. The daily necessities that use ultrasonic welding skills include photo frames, keychains, plastic lighters, toothpick boxes, suitcases, hollow crate boxes, jewelry boxes, cosmetic boxes, Christmas accessories, hair accessories, lunch boxes, inner pine boxes, and sealed containers. Wait. It has the best effect on daily necessities such as ABS, PP, PE, PC, PUC, PMMA, PS, PPS, PBT, PETG and other plastic raw materials.

3. Stationery and toys: In recent years, the society has paid more and more attention to the environmental protection and safety of products, because the ultrasonic technology is used to make the products hygienic, efficient and strong, and the use of screws, adhesives, glue or other auxiliary products has been eliminated to adapt to the society. Demand not only reduces production costs, but is also widely used in effective welding of ink cartridges, folders, business card holders, photo albums, semicircular instruments, toy pacifiers, bright balls, key chains, mobile phone pendants, etc., which greatly enhances the company’s competitiveness in shopping malls. .

4. Metal application: The application of ultrasonic welding machine skills to the metal processing industry will be concentrated in the ultrasonic metal welding machine, and there are also various metal special welding machines, such as copper and aluminum welding machines. Ultrasonic welding has the advantages of short time, low energy consumption, non-destructive operation, and high power. Therefore, ultrasonic metal welding is widely used in single-point welding, multi-point welding and short strip welding of thin wires or sheets of non-ferrous metals such as copper, silver, aluminum, nickel, etc. It can be widely used in thyristor leads, fuse pieces, Welding of electrical leads, lithium battery pole pieces, and tabs.

5. Packaging processing: Many ultrasonic welding skills are used in the packaging processing industry, such as: the sealing of hoses, the welding of special straps, the welding of non-woven bags, air filter bags, water treatment polypropylene filter bags, and corrugation. Sealing and welding of containers, etc. Ultrasonic welding is an out-and-out good helper in the packaging industry. It is mainly used in anti-counterfeiting wine bottle caps, ziplock bags, shopping bags, toothpick boxes, paper cups, convenient facial tissue bowls, dairy packaging boxes, frozen semen tube packaging, and nails. Cut boxes and so on.

6. Textile industry: Ultrasonic welding skills are mainly applied to non-woven fabrics in the textile industry. Non-woven fabric has the characteristics of moisture-proof, breathable, non-combustible, simple differentiation, and recyclable. It is an environmentally friendly material with a wide range of applications. Non-woven products suitable for ultrasonic welding include: clothes lace, bed covers, pillow cases, car covers, masks, packing belts, backpacks, handbags, window cloths, raincoats, surgical gowns, toys, gloves, tablecloths, chair covers, Quilt covers, protective clothing, accessories, umbrellas, lampshades, etc.

7. Automobile industry: In the automobile industry, welding is an important link in automobile production. There are more and more plastic parts in automobiles, and plastic welding is related to the quality of automobiles. The ultrasonic can be controlled by a computer program to perform welding of large and irregular workpieces such as: car window motors, built-in audio, foot pads, door panels, gathering forks, spare tire boxes, bumpers, filters, front gears Panels, airbags, dashboards, sun visors, on-board water dispensers, tail lights, swelling water tanks, brake fluid cups.

8. Household appliances: With the rapid development of the household appliance industry in recent years, the demand for plastic welding continues to increase. There are more and more weldable parts in household appliances, such as vacuum cleaner plastic parts, razor housings, and portable fluorescent lamps. Cover, plastic structure of juicer, steam iron, plastic board of water dispenser, TV shell, radio tape recorder transparent panel, remote control, TV shell screw fixing seat, mosquito reducing lamp shell, washing machine dehydration tank, etc.

9. Consumables communication: Consumables communication is consumables and communication devices. As we all know, the demand for communication devices and high-quality demand in modern society is constantly increasing. The welding of plastic parts of devices is an important part of product quality. Products that can be well applied to ultrasonic welding technology include ink cartridges, tapes, toner cartridges, printers, fax machines, mobile phone cases, telephones, mobile phone chargers, power adapters, communication device nut embedding, consumable plastic parts, etc.



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