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Miniature Ultrasonic Welding Booster AC220V 20khz Branson Replaced

Miniature Ultrasonic Welding Booster AC220V 20khz Branson Replaced

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Ultrasonic Welding Booster
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Branson replaced ultrasonic booster for ultrasonic transducer Amplifier


What's ultrasonic booster?

Ultrasonic booster, the important component of the ultrasonic vibration system is to amplify the mass displacement or velocity of the mechanical vibration and concentrate the ultrasonic energy on a small area. Ultrasonic booster is an important part of the ultrasonic vibration system. Its main function in the vibration system is to amplify the mass displacement or velocity of the mechanical vibration, and concentrate the ultrasonic energy on a small area, that is, the energy is collected. Also known as ultrasonic shift levers or ultrasonic concentrators.

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type Branson
frequency 20KHz
Model Depending on your requirements
power supply AC220v


Ultrasonic booster, as the name suggests, are functional components that match the amplitude of ultrasonic vibrations with ultrasonic transducers. Its main function is to change the amplitude of the transducer (generally increase), improve the vibration ratio, improve the efficiency, improve the mechanical quality factor, enhance the heat resistance, expand the temperature range, and prolong the service life of the transducer. The ultrasonic transducer adjusts the load matching between the transducer and the ultrasonic horn by installing a booster, which reduces the resonance impedance and makes it work at the resonant frequency to improve the electro-acoustic conversion efficiency. Reduces the heat generation of the ultrasonic transducer and improves the service life.

The Ultrasonic Booster is like the gear in a car, where as the lowest is first gear and so forward. This also means that the higher ultrasonic booster you put on the more power is needed behind to start it, so even if the ultrasonic booster can take more gain (higher ratio), if you ultrasonic generator is not powerfully enough you will not be able to start it up and the Ultrasonic generator will go into overload.



The material of ultrasonic welding booster:

Depending on the Welding strength results are obtained from the welding of various material ultrasonic boosters. The strength of the welds obtained by low carbon steel and titanium alloy booster is better, but the steel booster is much heavy than that of titanium alloy booster. The weight ratio of carbon steel is three times that of aluminum alloy and two times of titanium alloy. The weight of the ultrasonic booster is also a factor that must be considered in the welding process. Limited by the load-bearing capacity of the sensor and the overall weight of the welding machine in ultrasonic welding processing, the weight of the ultrasonic booster is relatively lighter and more appropriate. Furthermore, under the same weight limitation, if aluminum alloy and titanium alloy are used, it can Larger booster are manufactured, so aluminum and titanium alloy ultrasonic booster are usually used in the welding of large parts.

We supply high quality Ultrasonic Boosters in both aluminum O-ring design booster and our Solid mouth Titanium Ultrasonic booster



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