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Rotary Ultrasonic Sewing Transducer Small Size High Transient Response

Rotary Ultrasonic Sewing Transducer Small Size High Transient Response

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One Year
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Rotary Ultrasonic Sewing Transducer Small Size High Transient Response
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3535-4D 35Khz ultrasonic sewing transducer for ultrasonic rotary wleding



Item Parameter
Frequency 35Khz
Power 800W
Impedance 8
Capatance 7000PF
Connect Screw M8*1



Ultrasonic Titanium Rotary horn 35 kHz

An ultrasonic rotary horn intended to be excited at a frequency of from about 18 to about 60 kHz, which horn is a shaped, solid object having a rotational axis and a radial surface terminated by a first end and a second end.

The horn is racially symmetrical. The thickness of the horn at the rotational axis is greater than the width of the horn at the radial surface. The diameter, width, and thickness of the horn are selected for a desired frequency so that the horn, upon being excited by ultrasonic energy at such frequency which is input at the rotational axis at, and substantially perpendicular to, one or both ends, is adapted to resonate in a manner such that:

  • The excited end moves substantially in phase with the movement of the source of excitation.
  • The opposing end, whether or not it is actively excited, moves substantially out of phase with the movement of the excited end.
  • The radial work-contacting surface also moves substantially out of phase with the movement of the excited end.
  • In addition, the first end and the second end have a substantially convex configuration which comprises a central, circular, flat portion which is concentric with the rotational axis and a generally concave portion from the flat portion to said radial
  • The horn exhibits a single nodal point at its geometric center.
  • Working ultrasonic rotating horns / sonotrode frequency: 20 kHz and 35Khz.
  • Can be anodized or as here wolfram carbide coated for even more ware

Does ultrasonic harm to human?


The principle of super operation is to use the physical principle of sound waves. The frequency is more than 20000Hz for ultrasound, and the medical ultrasound frequency is 1 ~ 15MHz. The essence of ultrasound is sound waves, that is, mechanical waves,
Therefore, it is not harmed by ionizing radiation, and ultrasound has not been found to have harmed the human body. The range of sound that human ears can accept is from 16 to 20,000 Hz.
When the frequency of sound reaches 25 to 8200 Hz, vibration can be felt. Sounds below 16 Hz are called bass, and those above 20,000 Hz are ultrasound When the ultrasonic wave propagates in the medium, the particles of the medium reciprocate near its equilibrium position, which causes a sparse and dense change in the rhythm of the medium. This sparse change forms a pressure change, Can produce a fine massage effect on human tissue cells. 


Fields that employ ultrasonic sewing machines

Because this technology is so adaptable, most of the production work made with a sewing machine consists in seam welding, with a static or rotary sonotrode, identifying the right pattern with the counter wheel in order to get the desired capacity and aesthetics.


They are widely used in the following industries:

  • Sports apparel;

  • Sun screening drapes;

  • Technical fabrics;

  • Nonwovens;

  • Automotive parts.




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