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High Efficiency Ultrasonic Cutting Device Titanium Ultrasonic Guillotine Cutter

High Efficiency Ultrasonic Cutting Device Titanium Ultrasonic Guillotine Cutter

ultrasonic food cutter

ultrasonic slitting machine

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Ultrasonic Food Cutting
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High-power Titanium ultrasonic guillotine cutter for food cutting



Machine Ultrasonic cake Cutter
Frequency(KHz) 20Khz
Power 1000 W
Cutting Blade / Horn Titanium
Voltage(V) 220V
The width of blade depend on your requirement
Cutting thickness 86mm in max
Horn amplitude 10-40μm
Equipment weight 1KG


What's the principle of ultrasonic cutting?

High-power ultrasonics is mechanical vibrational energy transmitted bymetallic horns or probes which are tuned in multiples of half wavelengths.The vibrating horn can transfer the energy to solids, liquids or gases.Applied to solids, the energy can be used to cut, machine, grind or weld,depending on the output configuration. Applied to fluids the cavitationprocess discussed in other chapters arises. Applied to gases, a variety ofprocesses such as defoaming or particulate clumping can occur .

The basic elements of an ultrasonic cutting system as follows: The metallic high "Q' horns or probes are specially shaped andfrequency tuned as half wavelength longitudinal vibrators .For cutting applications they are wide, thin bar horns with a profiled sharpcutting output tip. Typically the tip movement will be in the range of 50-100 um peak to peak. The oscillation is sinusoidal. The knife horn or bladeis screwed by a high tensile stud to the intermediate booster horn, which hasa nodal or non-moving support flange. The booster horn is driven by apiezoelectric-electric multidisc clamped transducer. The transducer convertsthe input high voltage 20 kHz alternating signal into the mechanicalvibration. These complex electromechanical devices are matched to adriving input power supply, which provides up to 2 kW of electrical powerto drive the vibrating system.

High-power ultrasonics is widely used in industry and has no major healthand safety concerns which are not already addressed in the existingmachinery codes. Obviously, the cutting blade needs effective guarding and




  • Cheese
  • Energy bars
  • Chocolate
  • Nougat
  • Cheesecakes
  • Cake rolls
  • Sponge cakes
  • Halva
  • Turkish delight
  • Pizzas
  • Bread & Sandwiches
  • Baklava, etc.


Cleaner cuts for outstanding aesthetics on layered products
Reduced downtime for cleaning and reduce waste
Flexibility & increased productivity
Larger processing windows

Slitting wide products into thin fingers 10 -25 mm wide is a commonrequirement, and can be achieved with the ultrasonic dagger or sabre blades.Product height is limited to perhaps 30 mm, due to the fall off of amplitudeat the nodal point on the blade. Cut quality is very dependent on theamplitude requirement to cut a specific food product.

The static blades are each driven by a separate ultrasonic transducer andpower supply. The blades can be mounted in-line or in a chosen formation.

To increase the cutting depth, a guillotine blade can be mounted at 45 togive the full cutting amplitude over the full product height . Thedrawback of using guillotine blades is the thickness of the blade, which is 3-5 mm.

Using a separate ultrasonic set for each blade, any number of blades canbe mounted across a wide conveyor plant. This gives optimum versatility forsetting up and plant maintenance. A worn blade and head can be replaced ina minute or so .


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