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Round Horn Ultrasonic Transducer Probe Lid Of Carton Box Welding

Round Horn Ultrasonic Transducer Probe Lid Of Carton Box Welding

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Round horn ultrasonic welding probe for lid of carton box welding


The principle of ultrasonic welding is to use high-frequency vibration to melt the part of the contact material and achieve welding effect after cooling. So all thermoplastic materials can be ultrasonically welded. The beverage lid we saw in this article is the lid and the carton. First of all, let's analyze the material: the lid is plastic, and the beverage box is in line with the material, including paper, PE, aluminum foil. When welding, plastic and PE are in contact. Obviously, these two materials are thermoplastic materials, and both can be ultrasonically welded. Therefore, ultrasonic welding is very practical.

Ultrasonic welding instead of glue to fix the lid of the beverage box:
1. Avoid the harmful substances of glue contaminating the beverage.
2. Good tightness, not easy to leak.
3. Ultrasonic welding is not affected by time, it is permanent and firm, and the glue will usually crack after standing for a long time.
4. Save labor cost, adopt ultrasonic welding, the whole welding process is about 2 seconds, fast and convenient.


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Ultrasonic plastic lid box welding principle:
Ultrasonic plastic lid box welding machine is for PP, PE, ABS plastic wine bottle caps, cosmetics caps, beverage bottle caps, food bottle caps, oil barrel caps, petrol barrel caps, lubricant barrel caps, cosmetic boxes, set-top box shells, solar energy Design of cover boxes such as junction boxes, meter boxes, and water bottle covers. The welding principle is as follows: the ultrasonic welding head and the bottom mold of different specifications are designed for the cover box, the ultrasonic energy is generated by an ultrasonic generator, and then the ultrasonic transducer mechanically vibrates the ultrasonic energy, and the mechanical vibration energy is transmitted to the The bottom surface of the ultrasonic welding head in contact with the plastic cover. Because the mechanical vibration can cause the ultrasonic welding head to rub against the plastic cover box, and the friction generates heat. When the temperature reaches the melting point of the plastic lid box, the molecules of the plastic lid box will move rapidly, forming a melting effect. Finally, a certain pressure of the ultrasonic welding head is added, and the plastic cover box molecule is used to fill the gap between the ultrasonic welding head and the bottom mold, and it will be cooled and formed after stopping the action, and the watertight and airtight requirements are achieved after welding.


Features :

1. According to the requirements of bottle cap products, the driving method can be selected from pneumatic, hydraulic or servo motor drive;

2. Japanese technology piezoelectric ceramic transducer with strong and stable output;

3, frequency automatic compensation circuit, the whole machine gravity casting molding, high precision;

4. Adjustable welding horn level structure, convenient mold adjustment, stable use and high welding efficiency;

5. The overall appearance of the bottle cap welding machine is good, and the surface is sprayed with plastic to resist corrosion.

6. Ultrasonic bottle cap welding machine is a square column, linear guide bearing, precision fine-tuning device;





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