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20khz Auto Tracking Ultrasonic Welding Machine For Aluminum Wire Harness

20khz Auto Tracking Ultrasonic Welding Machine For Aluminum Wire Harness

5000w Ultrasonic Welding Tool

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Auto Tracking Ultrasonic Welding Tool

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20Khz High Power Ultrasonic Wire Harness Welding Machine Copper And Aluminum Wire Harness Welding

Ultrasonic Wire Harness Welding Machine Copper and Aluminum Wire Harness Metal Braid Wire Welding




Power 2000W Frequency 20KHZ
Power supply 220V Gas source 0.5kg
Way to control Single chip microcomputer Maximum working stroke 30mm
Welding area range 0.3M2-10M2 Welding time range 0.2s---5s
Welding mode Automic Quality control 1year
Dimensions 500LX400WX230H MM Total Weight 52kg
Generator size 400LX290WX130H MM    
Features:Automatic tracking of energy, time, welding time, energy,
air pressure, width, amplitude adjustable


Ten performance advantages


Automatic amplitude compensation function

The ultrasonic welding machine has the function of automatic amplitude compensation. It can automatically adjust the amplitude output to make the amplitude output more stable, improve the welding stability, and maintain the consistency of the welding quality.

Amplitude intelligent segmentation

The amplitude of the welding process is more precise and controllable, and the intelligent amplitude segmentation will make the welding strength higher, the product surface shape change is small, the dust is less, and the product is more perfect.

Unique automatic frequency tracking and frequency search technology

The welding machine has the function of automatic frequency tracking and deviation correction, so that the output frequency of the generator is consistent with the triple combination of frequency each time, to ensure that each welding is in the resonance state, so as to protect the generator from damage and the welding machine to work efficiently and stably.

Weld head life increased by 20%

The unique intelligent control technology makes the power loss of the welding machine small, and the same welding process uses less welding time. The welding pressure is smaller, so the life of the same welding head will be more than 20% longer than other brands. Digital presentation of welding effect

Each welding effect can be presented in data, and the welding process can be displayed in a curve, so that the welding effect can be expressed by data. It can also feed back each welding data to the MES system to facilitate product quality traceability and reach Industry 4.0 standards.

Welding quality data monitoring auxiliary function

The upper and lower limits of reliable welding data reference parameters can be set according to the actual welding result parameters to monitor the quality of each welding product. If the welding data does not meet the requirements of the product, the welding machine system can alarm. With a variety of intelligent welding modes

It is equipped with energy mode, time mode, height mode, peak power and other modes. Different welding modes can adapt to more welding process requirements and achieve better welding results.

Power-on automatic detection function

The welding machine has the automatic detection function when starting up, and sends out an alarm prompt for the cause of the failure, so as to avoid working in the case of failure

System security protection and monitoring

Intelligent system safety protection reduces the probability of damage to accessories and greatly reduces after-sales costs.

Multi-level password protection can be set

Multi-level password protection can be set to separate the debugging interface of the manager from the operation interface of the operator.

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