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4 Ceramic Chips Ultrasonic Welding Transducer For Nonwoven Bag 15Khz 2600w

4 Ceramic Chips Ultrasonic Welding Transducer For Nonwoven Bag 15Khz 2600w

4 Ceramic Chips Ultrasonic Welding Transducer

15Khz Ultrasonic Welding Transducer

Alu Ultrasonic Welding Transducer

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Ceramic Chips:
4 Pcs
9000-10000 Pf
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15Khz 2600w Ultrasonic welding transducer with 4 ceramic chips for nonwoven bag welding




Item Parameter
Frequency 14.5~15.1Khz
Power 2600W
Impedance 14
Capatance 9000~10000pf




Ultrasonic waves are transformed into mechanical vibrations through transducers. The characteristics of transducers depend on material selection and manufacturing process. The performance and service life of transducers of the same size and shape are very different.
The commonly used high-power ultrasonic transducer is used in ultrasonic plastic welding machine, ultrasonic metal welding machine, various handheld ultrasonic tools, continuous working ultrasonic emulsifier, atomizer, ultrasonic engraving machine and so on.
Commonly used products such as 15KHz 20KHz 28KHz 35KHz 40KHz 55KHz 70KHz can also design and produce non-standard transducers according to the special requirements of customers to meet all kinds of needs.

Performance Features

Processing technology

It is ground by a grinder. Smooth and flat, and it can be combined with ceramic sheets to ensure its service life. The inner hole of the screw hole is plated with three nickel-chromium and has strong corrosion resistance. The surface of the electrode sheet is polished, and the surface is smooth and fine, which enhances the conductivity. The machine is automatically coated with glue, uniform thickness, good insulation and sealing, no water seepage and rust. Custom fine bolts: high strength, good self-locking, not easy to loose, strong ability to withstand shock, vibration and exchange load.

Evening effect

The aluminum foil test can visually observe the uniformity of the distribution of ultrasonic cavitation.

Clangsonic transducer is designed with unique manufacturing process and strict and reliable test to ensure uniform and fficient work.

Stable performance

Rps-sonic has been tested with the transducer under the same conditions. The temperature rises, the average frequency of the clangsonic transducer daes not change much, and it is more stable than the transducers of other companies.

Quality assurance

Rps-sonic transducer is 100% qualified for each process, and the multi-channel inspection process ensures product performance. With ROSHTUV cetfcation the product waranry is 1 yeal,and the original product is guaranteed.


Features of ultrasonic vibrators

(1) High performance: high mechanical Q value, high conversion efficiency and good quality;
(2) Ultrasonic vibrator transducer with large amplitude and superior performance;
(3) Ultrasonic vibrator transducer, heat resistance: piezoelectric ceramic material has good heat resistance,
Can expand the temperature range of use, at the same time, the Q value is high, the resonance impedance is small, and the heat generation is small;
(4) Ultrasonic vibrator transducer The product has a neat appearance, no rust, no obvious dents and scratches.



4 Ceramic Chips Ultrasonic Welding Transducer For Nonwoven Bag 15Khz 2600w 0

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