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Seamless Ultrasonic Welding System With Rotary Horn 35Khz 800w

Seamless Ultrasonic Welding System With Rotary Horn 35Khz 800w

Seamless Ultrasonic Welding Tool

800w Ultrasonic Welding System

Rotary Horn Ultrasonic Welding System

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Product Details
Welding Wheel Amplitude:
20m/min In Max
Welding Width:
10mm In Max
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35Khz 800w Ultrasonic Ultrasonic seamless welding system with rotary horn




Item Parameter
Frequency 35Khz
Power 800W
Ceramice chips 4chips
Speed 20m/min in max
Welding width 10mm in max
Welding horn 35Khz rotary horn
Welding type Continues welding



A traditional sewing machine uses a needle to drive the thread to sew two pieces of cloth together. During the needle threading process, not only the cloth is pierced, but there is no bond between the cloth and the cloth, but a thin thread is used to tie them together. In this way, the cloth is easy to be pulled and the thread is easy to break. Thermoplastic fabrics can be stitched together by hot air welding. Needle and thread are not needed, but the welding temperature is not easy to control and the welding speed is slow.

Ultrasonic seamless suture system can sew most thermoplastic fabrics. Compared with ordinary needle suture, ultrasonic suture does not require needle thread, has the characteristics of high suture strength, good airtightness, and fast sewing speed. And the ultrasonic seamless stitching system also completely solves the problem of inconsistency between the direction of motion of the ultrasonic welding head and the direction of motion of the cloth, and it will replace the ordinary sewing machine to a large extent.

The ultrasonic seamless stitching system is composed of 35k ultrasonic transducer, horn (fixed function), disc-shaped welding head and supporting special numerical control power supply combination. The ultrasonic numerical control power supply converts the mains electricity into 35k high frequency and high voltage alternating current and supplies it to the ultrasonic transducer. Ultrasonic transducer converts electrical energy into mechanical energy (ultrasonic). The transducer generates amplitude when it stretches in the longitudinal direction, which is then transmitted to the disc-shaped welding head through the horn. So that the disc-shaped welding head is welded, equipped with the frame, the pressing wheel and the auxiliary structure and control parts, it is a complete ultrasonic cutting sewing machine.




The core technology of the ultrasonic seamless stitching system lies in the use of a disc-shaped welding head for seam welding, which ingeniously converts the longitudinal vibration of the transducer into a radial vibration of the disc-shaped welding head radiating 360° outward in the diameter direction. And different from the traditional lace machine, the traditional lace machine is generally composed of a flat tool head and a patterned roller. Because the tool head is stationary, it is easy to cause deformation and wrinkling of fabrics such as fabrics during work. The seamless sewing machine uses two discs to vibrate to sew the cloth, which solves this problem well. This not only greatly reduces the volume of the vibration system itself, but also greatly reduces the installation size, the whole machine is beautiful, the volume is reduced, and the weight is greatly reduced.


High stability: The rotation of the welding wheel and the pressure wheel are completely synchronized during the ultrasonic seamless stitching, there is no speed and angle difference, and it will not cause the stretching, distortion or deformation of the fabric, and the accuracy is extremely high. Due to the hot-melt effect, there is no need to use needles and threads, the product is more waterproof, lighter, and easier to fold.
Welding and cutting synchronization: Ultrasonic seamless stitching equipment is not only suitable for continuous stitching, but also for cutting textiles while welding, and realizes automatic edge sealing.
No heat radiation: When ultrasonic stitching, energy penetrates the material layer for welding, and there is no heat radiation. During the continuous stitching process, heat will not be transferred to the product, which is particularly beneficial to the packaging of heat-sensitive products.
Welding seam is controllable: the cloth is hauled by the welding wheel and the pressure wheel, and the cloth is welded by ultrasonic waves. The welding seam size and embossing can be changed by replacing the pressure wheel, making it more flexible and convenient to use.
Wide application range: all thermoplastic (softened after heating) fabrics, special tapes, and films can be welded with ultrasonic seamless stitching equipment, and the rollers are made of quenched steel to extend the service life.




1. Technical industry: filter bags, health products, medical mattresses and pillows, needle blankets, surgical sheets, foils, bulletproof vests, blinds and awnings, pleated filters, shower curtains, spacer fabrics, seat covers, MBR modules and many more.

2. Clothing industry: outdoor clothing, underwear, medical clothing and curtains, soft shells, sportswear, clean room clothing, etc.

3. Automobile industry: car interior and thermal insulation projects, protective car covers, awnings, etc.


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