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20Khz 500w Ultrasonic Armored Cable Stripping Machine 6mm Diameter

20Khz 500w Ultrasonic Armored Cable Stripping Machine 6mm Diameter

20Khz Armored Cable Stripping Machine

Ultrasonic Armored Cable Stripping Machine

6mm Armoured Cable Stripping Machine

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20Khz 500w Ultrasonic Armored Cable Stripping Machine 6mm Diameter
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20Khz 500w Ultrasonic cable cleaning and stripping machine for Insulated cable stripping


An ultrasonic cable cleaning and stripping machine is a specialized piece of equipment used in industrial settings to clean and strip the insulation or coating from cables using ultrasonic technology. It is commonly used in industries such as electrical manufacturing, telecommunications, and automotive.

The machine utilizes ultrasonic vibrations to remove contaminants, such as dirt, grease, and oil, from the surface of cables. Ultrasonic cleaning involves the use of high-frequency sound waves that create microscopic bubbles in a cleaning solution. These bubbles implode upon contact with the cable, generating tiny shockwaves that effectively clean the surface.

The cleaning process is typically automated, with cables being fed through the machine using rollers or belts. As the cable passes through the cleaning chamber, it is exposed to the ultrasonic cleaning solution and the vibrations. The contaminants are dislodged and dissolved by the cleaning solution, leaving the cable clean and ready for further processing or inspection.





Item Parameter
Frequency 20Khz
Power 500W
Ceramice chips 4chips
Horn material Titanium
Power supply 220V/50Hz
Weight 24kg
Stripping cable diameter 6mm





The ultrasonic temperature-controlled armored cable stripping machine consists of four parts: ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic vibration system, transmission equipment and frame.

The ultrasonic generator (that is, the driving power supply) is composed of a rectifier circuit, an oscillation circuit, a feedback circuit, a tracking circuit, a control circuit, a power amplifier circuit, a matching circuit, etc. Ultrasonic transducer in the wire mechanism. The power of the ultrasonic generator is adjustable to adapt to different working conditions. The generator is also integrated with a timing controller to control the ultrasonic vibration time and intermittent time of the wire stripping machine.


●Compared with the traditional manual stripping method, the ultrasonic cable stripping machine has the characteristics of high efficiency, clean powder, no damage to the internal cable core, and environmental protection.

C equipment can be applied to 1-30mm diameter,-core to multi-core mineral insulated cables. Ultrasonic mineral cable powder cleaning and stripping machine solves the problem of mineral cable powder cleaning.

●Ultrasonic armored cable powder cleaning and stripping machine adopts a vertical structure, which greatly reduces the volume of the stripping machine and consolidates the stability of the work. (During operation, the cable faces downwards, which is easy to operate, facilitates powder collection, reduces the damage to the operator due to the diffusion of dust during the operation, and can be applied to cables of different diameters.(It is convenient for users to use, reduces the production cost of the stripping process and improves economic efficiency.




1. Foot pedal operation;

2. Very easy to set up and operate;

3. It can peel off 25mm metal package shell in one job;

4. The stripping machine has a compact design;

5. Reliable work, high efficiency;

6. Low power consumption;

7. Fast speed.




Mineral insulated cables have been widely used in high-rise buildings, petrochemicals, airports, tunnels, ships, offshore oil platforms, aerospace, iron and steel metallurgy, shopping malls, parking lots and other applications to mineral insulated cables.


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