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70Khz 100w Steel Ultrasonic Welding Horn For Smart Card Welder

70Khz 100w Steel Ultrasonic Welding Horn For Smart Card Welder

Smart Card Ultrasonic Welding Horn

PLC Ultrasonic Welding Horn

Ultrasonic Welding Horn 70Khz

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70Khz 100w High Quality Steel Ultrasonic Welding Horn For Ultrasonic Smart Card Welder With Digital Generator

70Khz High quality Ultrasonic horn for ultrasonic smart card welder






60Khz or custom made

Working Mode

PLC or manual

Material of Head

Wear-resisting alloy steel, HRC≥50

Hole for line

φ0.3 mm, φ0.5 mm or custom made





Size of generator

250*250*120 mm

Size of Shell

φ25*100 mm

Material of Shell

Nylon or aluminium

Cooling mode

Compressed air(φ4 mm)




Ultrasonic embedding device, also known as smart card antenna welding machine, smart card spot welding machine, smart card antenna implanting machine, etc., is a professional equipment for smart card embedding, which is used in sheet welding positioning and antenna embedding. It is in recent years One of the important applications in the RFID field. Hangzhou Chenggong Ultrasound is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in ultrasonic equipment manufacturing and research and development. It has many years of experience in ultrasonic welding applications and can provide solutions for buried wire welding of various ID smart cards.

Ordinary ultrasonic embedding device, with the wear of the embedding head (welding head), the frequency will inevitably change continuously (the product size determines the product frequency). When the frequency changes to a certain degree, it is difficult for the driving power supply to find the frequency of the embedding head. The numerical control ultrasonic embedding device introduced by our company has been upgraded in the matching problem. Even if the embedding head is worn to a certain extent, the drive power generator can quickly search and accurately find the frequency of the embedding head, thereby ensuring the stability of the entire ultrasonic system Work. The service life of the welding head will be prolonged by 2-3 times, saving the loss for the majority of users. Compared with similar products on the market, the power is increased by 30%. When working continuously for a long time, the problem of matching and heating of the driving power supply and the buried thread head is improved.


Ultrasonic embedding device standard machine (60kHz 8-in-1 or 10-in-1)

RFID card standard embedding movement

Main features

◆Installation method: combined cabinet form, which can control eight or 10 buried thread heads to work at the same time
◆Control mode: multi-point energy fine-tuning, external control, simpler operation
◆Energy adjustment: 60-100%, power three gears adjustable, high and low energy switch
◆Buried thread head: wear-resistant tool head, thread buried distance 20000 meters
◆Product appearance: body design is lightweight, beautiful and durable, and good heat dissipation
◆Stability: working for 24 hours, even energy output
◆Usage: High-energy mode is suitable for buried wire in the outer ring of smart card, and low-energy mode is suitable for chip serpentine wire buried


70k Ultrasonic Semi-CNC Embedding Device

The first choice for high-speed smart card embedding

Main features

◆Intelligent frequency search: automatic frequency adaptation function to extend the service life of the thread head
◆Product appearance: light body, beautiful and durable, good heat dissipation performance
◆Stability: 24 hours work, stable energy output
◆Usage: Suitable for high-speed wire embedding applications, the wire embedding speed is twice that of 60K equipment

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