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Titanium Alloy Ultrasonic Cutting Blade Full Wave Non Stick Coating

Titanium Alloy Ultrasonic Cutting Blade Full Wave Non Stick Coating

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Ultrasonic Food Cutting
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Titanium alloy full wave ultrasonic cutting blade with Non-stick coating


What's the principle of ultrasonic cutting?

The ultrasonic food cutting machine vibrates at a high frequency of 40 kHz or 20 kHz, which reduces the frictional resistance on the cutting surface. This low friction allows the cutting knife to cut food smoothly, making the food cutting surface clean, beautiful and not deformed.
In addition, ultrasonic cutting reduces food debris during the cutting process. This reduces more downtime to clean up your production system.
Of course our ultrasonic food knives can be easily installed in your current production system.
If there is a problem with the ultrasonic equipment, the ultrasonic generator will output an error signal to the PLC. The system can detect and stop the system immediately.
The main advantage:
1. Ultrasonic vibration reduces the frictional resistance between the blade and food. It makes the blade cut smoothly and cleanly.
2. Titanium alloy cutting knife.
3. Because it reduces food debris during the cutting process, it reduces downtime to clean up the production system, thereby greatly improving production efficiency.
Choice of various knife widths:





Suitable for various food cutting, including cheese, cake (mousse cake) and bread, pizza, nuts, dried fruits, sweets and other hard foods.

Item Parameter Model RPS-C40 RPS-C20 Frequency 40kHZ 20kHZ


300W 1000W Cutting blade

Tianumium 82mm

Tianumium ,160mm, 250mm, 305mm

Weight 6KGS 8KGS-15KGS Generator HC-2000e Control 485 communication  Wire 3m




  • Cheese
  • Energy bars
  • Chocolate
  • Nougat
  • Cheesecakes
  • Cake rolls
  • Sponge cakes
  • Halva
  • Turkish delight
  • Pizzas
  • Bread & Sandwiches
  • Baklava, etc.


– Non-stick 20 kHz knife
– Perfectly clean cutting surfaces
– Compact ultrasonics equipment
– Large range of products that can be cut without changing blade
– Blades can be customized
– Easy washing and maintenance
– Max blade width: about 305 mm

Characteristics of ultrasound blades:
– Ultrasonic blades may vary in length and height, depending on clients’ specific requirements
– Knife shapes and dimensions are studied by our technical department after taking into account details such as food thickness, ingredients,dimensions, density and additional special features
– They are made out of titanium and comply with all health and organoleptic standards regarding the automation field.


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Before coating

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