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30khz Durable Ultrasonic Cutting Device Robot Fabric Ultrasonic Hand Cutter

30khz Durable Ultrasonic Cutting Device Robot Fabric Ultrasonic Hand Cutter

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30khz durable Ultrasonic fabric cutting system with robot to cut cloth.



The ultrasonic cutting device is composed of an ultrasonic transducer, a casing, a cutting blade and ultrasonic power supply. Ultrasonic energy generate energy with tens of millions of vibrations, and the cutting edges are bonded at the same time, so the cutting points will not produce burrs or abrasions like conventional cutting, and the cutting edges will be very flat. It can cut a variety of products that are difficult to cut with common tools, solving production and processing problems.
The ultrasonic cutting machine can not only be used handheld (for temporary cutting of a small amount of material), but also can be installed on a robot arm (suitable for large-scale production line cutting.)
Ultrasonic cutting also has a great advantage, that is, it can melt the cutting material while cutting. The cutting area is perfectly sealed to prevent loosening of the tissue of the material being cut (such as flashing of textile materials).So ultrasonic cutting is widly used in fabric, textile, Home textiles ,Non-woven,seat cushion, sound insulation cotton.


An ultrasonic robot cutter is a robotic system equipped with an ultrasonic cutting tool that utilizes high-frequency vibrations to cut or trim materials. It combines the precision and efficiency of ultrasonic cutting with the flexibility and automation capabilities of a robotic arm.

The ultrasonic robot cutter typically consists of the following components:

  1. Robotic Arm: The robotic arm serves as the mechanical system that positions and moves the ultrasonic cutting tool. It can be a multi-axis articulated arm or a gantry system, depending on the specific application requirements.

  2. Ultrasonic Cutting Tool: The cutting tool incorporates the ultrasonic transducer, which generates the high-frequency vibrations necessary for cutting. The tool is usually attached to the end effector of the robotic arm and can be designed as a handheld tool or a fixed tool, depending on the application.

  3. Control System: The control system consists of hardware and software components that control the movements and operations of the robotic arm and the ultrasonic cutting tool. It allows for precise positioning, path planning, and coordination of the cutting process.




Machine Ultrasonic cutting
Frequency(KHz) 30Khz
Power 500 W
Cutting Blade / Horn Titanium
Voltage(V) 220V
Cutting thickness 1~7mm
Horn amplitude 30μm
Equipment weight 6KG



1. Cutting edge is very smooth and clean
2. Cutting efficiency is more than 10 times of traditional, saving cost
3. Use compressed air device to ensure the equipment can work stably for a long time
4. Special replaceable blade (wear-resistant), save money
5. Simple operation, hand-held cutting or cutting with a robotic arm (CNC)
Suggestion: Use wood chipboard as a backboard



30khz Durable Ultrasonic Cutting Device Robot Fabric Ultrasonic Hand Cutter 030khz Durable Ultrasonic Cutting Device Robot Fabric Ultrasonic Hand Cutter 1

Ultrasonic cutting equipment is suitable for cutting:

  1. Thermoplastics (plates, sheets, films, laminates)
  2. Carbon fiber CFRP
  3. Rubber (vulcanized latex, non-vulcanized latex, film material, tube)
  4. Composites (prepregs, polyethylene fibers, carbon molded products or glass fibers (GFRP))
  5. Resin
  6. Silicone
  7. food
  8. foam
  9. Paper (honeycomb)
  10. PVC foam board

30khz Durable Ultrasonic Cutting Device Robot Fabric Ultrasonic Hand Cutter 2

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