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Titanium Alloy Horn 40khz 500w Ultrasonic Rubber Cutting Machine

Titanium Alloy Horn 40khz 500w Ultrasonic Rubber Cutting Machine

500w ultrasonic rubber cutting machine

40khz ultrasonic rubber cutting machine

Ultrasonic Rubber Cutting Machine 40khz

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Titanium Alloy
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High precision cutting 40Khz Ultrasonic rubber Cutting machine high amplitude


Machine Ultrasonic rubber/cake Cutter
Frequency(KHz) 40KHz
Power 500 W
Cutting Blade / Horn Titanium
Voltage(V) 220V
The width of blade 82.5mm
Cutting thickness 10~20mm(depend on materials)
Horn amplitude 10-40μm
Equipment weight 0.6KG
Ultrasonic rubber cutting machine is a special application of ultrasonic cutting machine. It is a kind of equipment that uses ultrasonic energy to cut and process. Its biggest feature is that cutting does not use cutting edge.
Ultrasonic cutting uses the energy of an ultrasonic transducer to melt the localized heat of the material to be cut, thereby achieving the purpose of cutting the material. Therefore, the ultrasonic cutting does not require a sharp cutting edge, nor does it require a large pressure, and does not cause chipping or breakage of the material to be cut. At the same time, since the cutting blade is subjected to ultrasonic vibration, the frictional resistance is particularly small, and the material to be cut is not easily adhered to the blade. Ultrasonic rubber cutting machines are particularly effective for cutting viscous and elastic materials, frozen materials such as food, rubber, etc., or objects that are inconvenient to apply pressure. Ultrasonic cutting also has a great advantage in that it has a fusion of the cutting part while cutting. It can seal the edges and prevent the looseness of the material being cut.
The ultrasonic rubber cutting machine directly loads the ultrasonic energy onto the cutter, and the cutter becomes a cutter with ultrasonic waves. When cutting materials, the material is mainly softened and melted by ultrasonic energy. The cutting edge of the cutter only serves as slit positioning, ultrasonic energy output, and separation material. This cutting method is suitable for cutting thick, long, etc. materials that are inconvenient to set the cutting board. It can be used for tire crown, nylon, steel belt plastic layer, nylon cord, lining, sidewall, and other rubber cutting.
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Ultrasonic Rubber Cutter
Ultrasonic rubber cutter (cutting machine) is composed of ultrasonic transducer (conveter) with cover, blade and generator. Instead of using traditional blade cutting, ultrasonic rubber cutter has its advantages of smooth, reliable cutting, accurate trimming, no deformation, no raising, fuzzing, spinning, wrinkling etc. It can avoid the rough cutting-edge, coked edge, fuzzballs and other shortcomings of laser cutting machine.
Titanium Alloy Horn 40khz 500w Ultrasonic Rubber Cutting Machine 0
1. High precision cutting, rubber unchanged
2. Easily applied to automated production
3. Cutting surface finish, good bonding properties
4. Speed, high efficiency, no pollution
5. Application of tire rubber parts: tread, nylon, sidewall, apex.


Ultrasonic Components

Typical ultrasonic food cutting components include four major elements: a power supply, a converter, a booster and a cutting horn, as explained below.

1. Power supply

The ultrasonic power supply, also referred to as a generator, is an electronic device that takes standard 50/60Hz AC line voltage and converts it to high frequency electrical energy.

2. Converter

The ultrasonic converter is a sealed electro/mechanical device that receives the 20kHz electrical energy from the power supply and converts this electrical energy to high frequency mechanical vibrations using PZT(piezoelectric) ceramic discs that expand and contract within the converter housing.

3. Booster

The booster is a machined metal mechanical amplifier that will either raise or lower the amplitude of the horn's mechanical motion depending on the configuration of the masses machined at each end.

4. Cutting horn

The cutting horn, also referred to as a knife or a blade horn, is the component that comes into contact with the product and does the actual cutting. This horn is machined from titanium, has excellent acoustic properties, good surface hardness and superior fatigue value.

Our ultrasonic components and horns are designed for continuous operation under the most demanding production environments. Welcome customers to cooperate with us for a brilliant future!


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