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Robot Arm Mounted Ultrasonic Cutting Device 30Khz For Plastic

Robot Arm Mounted Ultrasonic Cutting Device 30Khz For Plastic

Robot Arm Ultrasonic Cutting Device

30Khz Ultrasonic Cutting Device

500W Ultrasonic Plastic Cutter

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Ultrasonic Digital Generator
High Speed Steel
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Stainless Steel, Aluminum
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30Khz Ultrasonic Cutting Device Mounted On The Robot Arm For Cutting Plastic



The main function of the ultrasonic cutting process is to split the connected parts. High-frequency vibration per second can reduce the pressure on the object to be cut, so that a neat and clean cutting surface can be formed. Ultrasonic cutting knives can be used in the food industry as well as solid materials such as rubber, foam and artificial leather.

Every object has its own special frequency, through which the object is stable and easy to oscillate. By adding an external force corresponding to this special frequency, even a small force can get a large vibration. This phenomenon is called resonance. Use resonance technology to make the cutting edge produce greater vibration.


The ultrasonic cutting knife is composed of a "transducer" that generates vibration and an "ultrasonic generator" that drives the transducer. The piezoelectric element is contained in the transducer. By applying an alternating voltage consistent with the characteristic frequency of the transducer from the generator to the piezoelectric element, the entire vibrator including the cutter blade resonates. The sensor is equipped with a feedback control system to transmit the frequency or amplitude deviation information caused by the cutting load to the generator. The feedback control system can keep the blade's resonance state and amplitude stable, so that the tool can always cut materials quickly and cleanly.

This replacement blade ultrasonic cutting knife uses a 1mm thick alloy blade. The sharp blade makes the cutting contact surface smaller and reduces the heat of the blade. The sharp blade uses ultrasonic waves to make the cutting effect more ideal. 30K ultrasonic cutting knife can be used for hand-held cutting and automatic mechanical clamping.


Applicable materials

Ultrasonic knives have been widely used in textile and food industries in recent years. The ultrasonic cutting system can accurately cut textiles, rubber, thermoplastic films, knitted and non-knitted materials, and various foods. These include both handheld devices and various systems integrated into automated machines. The advantages of the ultrasonic vibration knife are: precise cutting, pressureless cutting (to avoid deformation of soft cut objects, such as cakes), welding of specific materials at the same time, fast cutting speed and significantly reducing cleaning costs.



Pressureless cutting to prevent deformation of the cut items

No heat is generated in the product – the mold stays cool

The cutting quality is high, and the layers will not be mixed or broken

Compared with the mechanical cutting machine, the "plough" effect of the material is greatly reduced

Cutting non-woven fabrics and textiles at the same time for edge sealing to avoid burrs

Rugged one-piece tool head blade structure almost eliminates breakage and energy loss

A large number of standard carbide cutting blades, suitable for applications of various shapes and sizes

Ultrasonic cutting is cleaner than traditional cutting machines, with minimal debris, and will not stick to the cut items

Ultrasonic cutting saves space and minimizes outgassing, thereby improving cutting accuracy

Ultrasonic cutting tool head has replaceable carbide cutting blades to extend tool life




Frequency 30Khz
Frequency adjustment Auto-tracking type
Max. power output 500W
Power output Infinitive adjustment
Power supply AC200V 50/60Hz
Outer dimension (mm) 120*120*380
Weight 6kg
Blade thickness 1mm



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