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Digital Generator PCB Ultrasonic Circuit Board 20khz Portable

Digital Generator PCB Ultrasonic Circuit Board 20khz Portable

Digital Generator Ultrasonic Circuit Board

PCB Ultrasonic Circuit Board

20khz Ultrasonic Cleaner Pcb Board

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Digital Generator
Plastic Welding/Nonwoven Welding
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20khz Portable Ultrasonic PCB Board Of Ultrasonic Digital Generator​

Item Parameter
Power 2000w
Frequency range ±1khz
Operating temperature ≤65ºC
Frequency 20Khz~60khz
Amplitude adjust 10%~90%
Voltage 110V/220V
Circuit Digital,separate excitation
Digital Generator PCB Ultrasonic Circuit Board 20khz Portable 0



The ultrasonic generator energizes the transducers by transforming the electrical energy from the power source into a suitable form for efficiently energizing the transducers at the desired frequencies. The generator produces a high-voltage electronic pulse, sending it to the transducers.

Ultrasonic electric box, usually called ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic power supply. Its function is to convert our mains electricity (220V or 380V, 50 or 60Hz) into ultrasonic
High-frequency alternating current signal matched to the energy device. From the form of amplifying circuit, linear amplifying circuit and switching power supply circuit can be used. The conversion efficiency of high-power ultrasonic power supply is considered.
Consider generally the circuit form of switching power supply. The linear power supply also has its unique application range. Its advantage is that it does not require strict circuit matching and allows the operating frequency to be continuous and fast.
Rapid change. Judging from the current situation in the ultrasound industry, ultrasonic generators are mainly divided into self-excited and externally excited power supplies.



Principle of ultrasonic plastic welding


Ultrasonic welding machine conducts ultrasonic waves to the plastic processing parts through the welding head, so that the two plastic joint surfaces are subjected to the ultrasonic action to produce violent friction, and the friction heat melts the plastic joint surfaces to complete the gluing. This technology has the advantages of fast speed and firm welding seams. More importantly, it can automate the production and processing of plastic products. Ultrasonic plastic welding machine can perform plastic welding, embedding, forming, riveting, spot welding, cutting, stitching and other operations. As long as the welding head is changed, one machine can be used for multiple applications.

does not require any auxiliary materials, and is chemically soluble, so it has no effect on human health.


Working principle of ultrasonic welding machine


The ultrasonic energy is transmitted to the welding area through the upper weldment. Because of the large acoustic resistance at the welding area, that is, the interface between the two weldings, local high temperature will be generated. In addition, due to the poor thermal conductivity of the plastic, it cannot be distributed in time for a while, and it gathers in the welding area, causing the contact surface of the two plastics to melt rapidly, and after a certain pressure is applied, they are integrated. When the ultrasonic stops, let the pressure continue for a few seconds to make it solidify and shape, thus forming a strong molecular chain, achieving the purpose of welding, and the welding strength can be close to the strength of the raw material.

Fast-0.01-9.99 seconds per welding time.




Ultrasound on/off
Digital technology
Frequency sweep (+-2%)
15 power levels
8 frequency sweeping modes
Stop & Go Ultrasounds Mode for Quick Degas.



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