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Auto Tracking 40Khz 0.6mm Handheld Ultrasonic Knife For Blanket

Auto Tracking 40Khz 0.6mm Handheld Ultrasonic Knife For Blanket

0.6mm Handheld Ultrasonic Knife

40Khz Handheld Ultrasonic Knife

CE Blanket Ultrasonic Cutting Machine

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Horn Material:
High Speed Steel
Power Supply:
AC200V 50/60Hz
Outer Dimension (mm):
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40Khz 0.6mm Handheld Ultrasonic Cutting Machine For Cutting Blanket/Rubber​




Frequency 40Khz
Frequency adjustment Auto-tracking type
Max. power output 300w
Power output Infinitive adjustment
Power supply AC200V 50/60Hz
Outer dimension (mm) 120*120*380
Weight 6kg
Blade thickness 0.6mm




The maximum output power of the replacement blade hand-held ultrasonic cutter is 00W. The outer shell is made of stainless steel. The cutter head adopts a 0.6mm thick hard wear-resistant alloy blade. The user can replace the blade by himself, which extends the service life of the cutter and saves costs. Ultrasonic cutting uses ultrasonic energy to locally heat and melt the material to be cut to achieve the purpose of cutting, so there is no need for a sharp edge. Commonly used for cutting difficult-to-cut materials, such as thermoplastic resin plates, sheets, films and laminates, carbon fiber composite materials, fabrics.

The principle of the ultrasonic rubber cutter is to convert 50/60Hz current into 20, 30 or 40kHz electric energy through an ultrasonic generator. The converted high-frequency electric energy is again converted into mechanical vibration of the same frequency through the transducer, and then the mechanical vibration is transmitted to the cutting knife through a set of amplitude modulator devices that can change the amplitude. The ultrasonic rubber cutting knife vibrates along its length with an amplitude of 10-70μm, repeating 40,000 times (40 kHz) per second (the vibration of the blade is microscopic, and it is generally difficult to see with the naked eye). The cutting knife then transfers the received vibration energy to the cutting surface of the workpiece to be cut. In this area, the vibration energy is used to cut the rubber by activating the molecular energy of the rubber and opening the molecular chain.


Common problems of traditional cutting


1. Need a sharp cutting edge, increase the requirements for the blade;
2. Cloth cutting can not seal the edges, and the cutting edges are easy to cause chipping and breakage;
3. Sticky objects are difficult to cut, and it is easy to stick to the knife, which affects the cutting effect and efficiency;
4. When cutting, it is necessary to apply pressure to the object, which is easy to deform soft or fragile food;
5. Some items will produce a lot of broken particles and debris when cutting, which increases waste.


Advantages of Handheld Ultrasonic Cutter


High stability: When the ultrasonic generator is working, it generates 40KHz electromagnetic vibration, which is transformed into mechanical vibration and transmitted to the cutting knife and the material to be cut. The slitting is performed mechanically, so there is no need for sharp cutting edges, the blade wear is small, and at the same time The cutter head can be replaced by yourself.
No pollution: When the ultrasonic knife is cutting, the temperature of the knife head is lower than 50 ℃, so smoke and odor will not be generated, which eliminates the danger of injury and fire during cutting.
Neat cutting: Since the ultrasonic is cut by high-frequency vibration, the material will not adhere to the surface of the blade, and only a small amount of pressure is required during cutting. It will not deform and wear for fragile and soft materials. The fabric will be automatically sealed at the same time. Will cause edge collapse.
The operation is simple: the cutting knife is connected to the ultrasonic generator, the generator is connected to the 220V mains, and the switch can be turned on to cut. It supports hand-held cutting and is equipped with an air-cooled interface.
Wide range of applications: all kinds of textile materials and plastic sheets can be ultrasonically cut, such as natural fibers, synthetic fibers, non-woven fabrics and knitted fabrics can be ultrasonically cut.



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