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6000W Ultrasonic Power Supply With Distance Model Automobile Bottom Guard Welding

6000W Ultrasonic Power Supply With Distance Model Automobile Bottom Guard Welding

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6000W In Max
Separate Excitation
Digital Generator
Touch Screen
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Ultrasonic power supply with Distance model flexible automobile bottom guard welding



Item Parameter
Power 6000W In max
Frequency range ±500hz
Operating temperature ≤50℃
Frequency 20Khz
Counting capacity 30000 item
Amplitude adjust 10%~100%
Voltage 110V/220V
Circuit Digital,separate excitation


Power Supply. Every ultrasonic welder starts with a power supply. The power supply is sometimes referred to as the frequency generator because it takes standard electrical power (usually 115V/220V) at 60 Hz and converts it to the operating frequency of approximately 20 kHz or 20,000 cycles per second. Other output frequencies commonly available range from 15-70 kHz. This high frequency current is then sent through a special cable to the ultrasonic stack.

When investigating ways to join plastic parts, you will almost certainly settle on a process that falls into one of these categories: mechanical, adhesives, or welding. Mechanical processes such as snap-fit, screws, or rivets are great if the product needs to be disassembled during its life or if the product will be run in low volume. Adhesives like glue form a more permanent bond and excel at adhering two dissimilar materials. Plastic welding processes are permanent in nature, have no consumables, and use a combination of heat and pressure to fuse the parts together. One particular welding method should not be overlooked when evaluating manufacturing methods: ultrasonic welding.



Advantage :

  • Trigger by Power patented feature provides the ability to accurately start the weld process once a programmed force is achieved. Combined with Weld by Energy, this unit delivers the highest level of process repeatability of any probe system available today.
  • Time, energy ,depth , Multiple combined welding weld modes.
  • Amplitude adjustment in 1% increments from 90% to 10%.
  • Eight programmable setups.
  • Power bar graph with last cycle memory.
  • High-resolution multicolor LCD with a multilingual menu for quick, easy programming.
  • Real time in cycle menu displays frequency, power, and time.
  • 100% digital controls of all power supply functions and parameters.
  • Digi-Trac tuning automatically tracks the resonant frequency digitally. It adjusts the output frequency to match the acoustic stack. This is done for every weld cycle and eliminates the need to manually tune the generator.
  • Ultrasonic overload protection, with fault indication for ease of troubleshooting. The overload power limit is based on true RMS power output level.
  • Patented pulse-width modulation design delivers power more efficiently with substantially less stress on electrical components for superior performance, reliability, and extended life

Why RPS-SONIC Generator:


1. Each power will be tested by Specify transducer .

2. All generator with one year warranty.

3. Specialized in high power ultrasonic for more than ten years

4. Every generator with 24hours old testing before shipment.

5. Good packing, no packing problem during the 10 years exporting business.

6. Every customer will get purchase records and there are certain rewards after accumulation



The Ultrasonic Welding Process.
Ultrasonic welding machine with this generator can work under the controls of the welder will run in one of six modes:

Weld-by-time. Weld-by-time will run the weld sequence for a set amount of time. 

Total Energy. One theory for successful welding is that for a given part, there needs to be a certain amount of energy applied to the parts’ interface to produce a satisfactory weld.

Power : The power consumed by the welder and adjusting the duration of the weld process to achieve a desired energy input.

Collapse (Relative) Distance. Using a linear encoder, the control can measure the distance the horn plunges the top part into the bottom part during a weld. 

Absolute Distance. When the overall dimensions of the part being welded are critical, the preferred method is “absolute distance”. 

Pressure. The total pressure on the weldment

6000W Ultrasonic Power Supply With Distance Model Automobile Bottom Guard Welding 0


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