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High Accuracy Ultrasonic Machining Tool Fast Vibration Milling

High Accuracy Ultrasonic Machining Tool Fast Vibration Milling

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20Khz ultrasonic vibration milling transducer for metal cutting




Item Parameter
Abrasive Boron carbide, aluminium oxide and silicon carbide
Grit size(d0) 100 – 800
Frequency of vibration (f) 19 – 25 kHz
Amplitude of vibration (a) 15 - 50 µm
Tool material Soft steel titanium alloy
Wear ratio Tungsten 1.5:1 and glass 100:1
Gap overcut 0.02-0.1 mm


Ultrasonic milling is achieved by using the end face of the tool to vibrate ultrasonically, so that the suspended abrasive particles in the working fluid mechanically impact and polish the workpiece surface, as well as cavitation. The ultrasonic processing equipment is an ultrasonic processing machine. It consists of an ultrasonic generator, an ultrasonic vibration system, a machine body (including a working head, a pressurizing mechanism and a working feed mechanism, a workbench, etc.), a working fluid and a circulation system, a transducer, and a cooling system. System and other major components.
The principle of ultrasonic processing is shown in Figure 13-4. The ultrasonic generator 7 converts power frequency AC electrical energy into ultrasonic power electrical vibration with a certain power output. The ultrasonic transducer 6 converts the electrical vibration into ultrasonic mechanical vibration of the same frequency and perpendicular to the surface of the workpiece. mm, and then pass through the horns 4, 5 so that the front end amplitude is enlarged to 0.01-0.15 mm, and the end face of the tool 1 is driven for ultrasonic vibration. Under the ultrasonic vibration of the tool 1 and a certain pressure, the abrasive suspension continuously impacts the processing area of ​​the workpiece 2 at high speed, which causes the abrasive to polish the surface of the workpiece at high speed. Due to the cavitation phenomenon caused by ultrasonic vibration, a liquid impact is formed on the workpiece surface, which strengthens The mechanical polishing of the workpiece material is beneficial to the uniform stirring of the working fluid in the processing area and the elimination of processing products. As the working fluid is continuously circulated, the abrasive particles are continuously updated, and the processed products are continuously eliminated, that is, the purpose of ultrasonic processing is achieved.

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Advantages of Ultrasonic Vibration Cutting

1. Small cutting force, about 1/3-1/10 of the cutting force of ordinary tools.

2. High processing accuracy.

3. The cutting temperature is low, and the workpiece remains at room temperature.

4. No built-up edge, small deformation of workpiece, no burr.

5. Low roughness, which can approach the theoretical roughness value.

6. The "stiffening" of the machined part means that the rigidity of the workpiece is higher than that of ordinary cutting.

7. The milling process is stable and effectively eliminates chatter.

8. Cooling of the cutting fluid and improved lubrication.

9. The durability of the tool is increased several times to several tens times.

10. The surface of the workpiece is under compressive stress, and the wear resistance and corrosion resistance are improved.

11. The surface of the workpiece after cutting shows a rainbow effect.

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