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28Khz Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Power Generator High Frequency

28Khz Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Power Generator High Frequency

ultrasonic power generator

high power ultrasonic generator

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5000W In Max
Separate Excitation
Digital Generator
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High Power Ultrasonic Generator
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28Khz piezoelectric ultrasonic generator for power ultrasonic welding




Item Parameter
Power 5000W In max
Frequency range ±500hz
Operating temperature ≤50℃
Frequency 20Khz~70khz
Counting capacity 30000 item
Amplitude adjust 10%~100%
Voltage 110V/220V/380V
Circuit Digital,separate excitation


Ultrasonic welding generator is also known as ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic power supply, digital ultrasonic generator, ultrasonic plastic welding supply, ultrasonic welding machine generator.

After years of practical reference and improvement, the rps-sonic ultrasonic welding generator has successfully solved the disadvantages of high-power ultrasonic welding machines in the past. The machine has a strong output on the job and a stable output. For large plastic parts welding, the machine can reach full load. The current output full load power enables the product to be welded instantly, and the machine is operated for a long time without loss. The traditional analog circuit is improved on the circuit design, so that the machine control avoids self-interference, and there is no need between the vibrator and the vibrator. Insulation does not cause sparks. This enhances our company's brand and allows the products to be sold to Asian countries so that production users have no worries. The appearance of the machine is neat and generous, and the colors are smooth and pleasing to the eye. It is also a major visual effect in the production workshop Highlights. Our company has a senior technical team, professional ultrasonic welding technology; perfect and diligent after-sales service, to help you solve difficult problems around the clock

ultrasonic power supplies take advantage of dynamic load power regulation between series and parallel resonance to capturing even wider frequency intervals. We can operate any piezoelectric, ultrasonic transducer in its resonant, fixed frequency regimes, in any numerically selected operating frequency interval, and in many forced, arbitrary frequency-modulated wideband regimes.

We have implemented a safe, fully-automatic internal scanning procedure in order to select the optimal operating regime and settings for certain ultrasonic transducer.

Our Ultrasonic Power Supplies have smooth power and amplitude regulation. We limit the maximum values of load power, transducer amplitude and output voltage on piezoceramics to avoid transducer damage and ensure optimum lifespan. We also include overheating, short-circuit, over-current and over-voltage protection in all generators for safety and reliability.


Why RPS-SONIC Generator:


1. Each power will be tested by Specify transducer .

2. All generator with one year warranty.

3. Specialized in high power ultrasonic for more than ten years

4. Every generator with 24hours old testing before shipment.

5. Good packing, no packing problem during the 10 years exporting business.

6. Every customer will get purchase records and there are certain rewards after accumulation


What is the difference between digital ultrasonic power supply and analog ultrasonic power supply?

1) All important parameters of the digital intelligent ultrasonic power supply can be set accurately. Such as working frequency range, protection point, time parameter, frequency capture time, optimal working frequency, working status, etc.
2) Because the digital intelligent ultrasonic power supply has the ability to detect, analyze and judge various parameters and the state of the transducer, the transducer can work in the best matching state. Continuous operation under power, the transducer will not generate heat, and the power device of the power supply will not generate heat. Therefore, the working efficiency of the intelligent ultrasonic power supply is very high.
3) The product hardware of the digital intelligent ultrasonic power supply is the same. For different power ultrasonic power supplies, as long as different software is burned, they are different types and types of ultrasonic power supplies. Therefore, the product consistency of the intelligent ultrasonic power supply is very good, and the reliability of the product is also very high.
4) Intelligent ultrasonic power supply has multi-peak judgment ability of ultrasonic vibration system, automatic frequency scanning, detection, tracking analysis ability, and automatic fault detection and protection ability.
5) Due to the perfect protection of the digital intelligent ultrasonic power supply, the open, short, overload and overheating of the transducer can be immediately protected and alarmed.



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