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20Khz Ultrasonic Welding Generator For Mask Slicer Ultrasonic Mask Making Machine

20Khz Ultrasonic Welding Generator For Mask Slicer Ultrasonic Mask Making Machine

Digital Ultrasonic Welding Generator

Ultrasonic Welding Generator 20Khz

Mask Slicer Ultrasonic Welding Generator

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Digital With Touch Screen
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Alumium Or Steel
Nowoven Welding
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Ultrasonic digital welding generator for mask slicer ultrasonic mask making machine




Item Parameter
Frequency 20KHZ
Power 2000W
Horn size 110*20 OR 150*35mm
Horn material Steel or Aluminum
weight 14.5kg




Ultrasonic Welding Generator is used by a variety of quality products, for example, thermoplastic welding machine, spot welding, parts of metal and plastic between the mosaic machines, ultrasonic machine, ultrasonic grinder and ultrasonic plastic processor.


The skill of ultrasonic welding is widely used in various fields. One of the main utilization is to weld thermoplastics in the industry of food, textile, chemicals, oil and water. It has also wide usage in the wastage of materials and welding and drilling of metals. Ultrasonic power devices are also in-use in the invertors. Nowadays, circuit designs have been improved; new topologies have been developed and ultrasonic power devices are made more reliable. The load adaptability has been meliorated and product consistency is also better. Power efficiency is also an unforgettable landmark along with the reduction of volume of the appliances. Automatic scanning, detection and tracking of frequency is also achieved. Fault protection and detection is also automatized. Adjustment of power and impedance is also made possible. Man-machine dialogue, software upgrades and other functions are also developed.

One of the famous techniques at industrial level is ultrasonic welding in which high frequency vibrations are applied, under high pressure, to the pieces of material which need to unite together or intimately. In this way a new weld is prepared. This method is used for plastics and materials of unlike nature. In this modern technique, one would not need nuts, bolts or soldering materials to weld the pieces.

Ultrasonic welding equipment consists of a machine press, Ultrasonic Welding Generator , Ultrasonic Welding Transducer, Ultrasonic Horn, and component support tooling and booster.



  • Automatic frequency tracking (Manual adjustment is also available)
  • Double protection function for excessive load, with transducer fault.
  • Output power is adjusted in accordance with the load
  • Different parameters transducers also implanted
  • Double lubrication and vertical organization





At present, high-power ultrasonic devices are mainly used for welding and industrial cleaning of thermoplastics, but in the food and textile industry, petroleum industry, water treatment, chemical industry, sewage sludge treatment, metal welding and drilling, light chemical industry, scale prevention, etc. There are also very broad application prospects. The ultrasonic device is composed of an ultrasonic inverter power supply and a transducer. The power devices used in the ultrasonic inverter power supply have gone through four stages: electron tube, thyristor, transistor and IGBT. In recent years, new circuit topology and new power devices have been used in circuit design. The reliability, load adaptability, and product consistency of ultrasonic power supplies have been improved, and the efficiency has also been greatly improved. The volume of the product has also been reduced. Therefore, the new IGBT ultrasonic power supply represents the development trend of today's power ultrasonic power supply.


20Khz Ultrasonic Welding Generator For Mask Slicer Ultrasonic Mask Making Machine 0

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